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Precommercial strip clearing


An indespensable forestry treatment
Over the years, site preparation thinning has become an indispensable forestry treatment to ensure the renewal of the forest resources.
The use of the NP-8030 enables to mechanize up to 40% of your site preparation operations. This is the first specialized mechanical mulcher that answers the industry's demands.

Straight BeltsBandes droites
The NP-8030 allows to cut straight belts even on slopes with a grade of more than 50%.
It's mulcher head revolves at 1 800 rpm, it's power and action enable it to clear and manoeuvre around obstacles as it reduces the low stumps to less than 10 cm from the ground.

Qualité du broyageShredding Quality
The NP-8030 leaves a carpet of wood shavings behind which accelerate its decomposition. The workers can move about and work more easily..


  Operation Speed
This innovation is the first of its kind to combine forestry goals with those of productivity and competitiveness. The NP-8030 is also the only mechanical mulcher that moves on wheels, which grants it a marked advantage where the work speed is concerned, which can reach up to 25 metres/minute.


  Mounted on Wheels
Being that a mechanical mulcher covers a distance of more than 3000 kilometres in one operational season, it is mounted on tandem axles that are equipped with wheels. The upkeep of the mechanical components for this type of traction is much less expensive than it is for the tracked-type traction.
Furthermore, the componants that are used can be found on many of the forestry machinerie from well-known trademarks. The tandem axles provide the Nokamic with a great ability to overcome obstacles and to reach excellent travel speeds between and within the sections that are treated. A machine on wheels offers many advantages such as added comfort for the operator and a greater longitudinal stability in operational mode.

  Productivity on the Rise!
The NP-8030 is the first machine that is thought out and built specifically for site-preparation thinning in difficult terrain conditions. The increase in manpower productivity is of approximately 52%. This enables to do more work of this kind with the same amount of manual workers when there is a manpower shortage.




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