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Mechanical strip mulcher

  Designed for the Forestry Environment
The NP-8030 mechanical mulcher possesses a hydrostatic transmission. This type of automatic transmission allows a progressive acceleration in forward or reverse gears without declutching or changing speeds. It is mounted on 4 tandem axles. The frame is jointed to two axles which make it remarquably stable on the most difficult terrain. Mounted on 8 wheels, it possesses all the resources needed to safely manoeuvre in the forest.

Soundproof Cabin
The cabin is equipped with acoustic insulation
Verre Marguard(less than 83 dB), heating, air conditioning, HI-FI radio and 12V auxiliary plug-ins.
The operator's seat can be adjusted for height and is equipped with arm rests. The tension for the suspension can also be adjusted. All the windows are tinted and are made of Marguard™ safety glass. Two side doors allow quick access and the back window is designed as an emergency exit.

Tactile Screen
The tactile screen enables the operator to know the cartography of the terrain along with his position within a few meters.

The software keeps in memory the location of the strips made by the machinery, which allows to precisely determine the net area covered.

  Real-Time Navigation using GPS
GPSThe satellite-based navigation system using GPS enables the operator to situate himself on the terrain in real time.

350 HP Engine
Equiped with a 6.8 l V6 John Deere engineMoteur de 350HP
that generates 275 BHP, the NP-8030 possesses all the necessary power
to manoeuvre on the most abrupt terrains. What's more, the 2 side access pannels for the motor are mounted with hydraulic jacks for quick and easy access.

  engine 2700

  NOKAMIC Mulcher Head
The mulcher head is a rotor made up of rocker arms and ultra-resistant blades that revolve 1 800 rpm at high speed.
This combination is able to shred trees that have up to
4 inches in diameter. This characteristic, combined with traction power, enables the NP-8030 to cut bigger trees that interfere with the work.

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