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Navigation system

  Designed for the Forestry Environment
The GSF NAV navigation system from the Groupe Système Foret allows real-time cartography with the help of a GPSGPS system and a computer that can resist extreme weather conditions. The machinery operator can find his location on a map and his route is saved for subsequent geomatic analysis (GIS).

Tactile Screen
The tactile screen enables the operator to know the cartography of the terrain along with his position within a few meters.

The software keeps in memory the location of the strips made by the machinery, which allows to precisely determine the net area covered.

An All-terrain PC-type Computer

- Tactile screen, antiglare and
.. full-sun display;
- resistance to cold weather;
- Serial port - USB port;
- PCMCIA card;
- Antenna protector, current conductor, carrier, Windows operating system, ArcPad™ software and GSF NAV application.


  The Advantages of the GSF NAV
GSF NAV integrates the advantages of the GPS and those of a geographic information system (GIS) directly on the terrain.
Based on the ESRI™'s ArcPad software, it offers the forest operator a simple, yet powerful interface.

GSF NAV Application

The GSF NAV interface adds functions to the ArcPad™ software enabling real-time navigation:
- enlargement;
- destination point;
- distance measurement;
- tracklog;
- buffer;
- position.
Project Management:
Project management is ensured by way of a window allowing the import and the export of data on USB carrier making it easier to transfer information.





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